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A number of companies operating fine casting facilities opened

Dalian Innovation Metal Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 08, 2018

1, handling the shell must be careless to prevent damage to the shell.

2, dewaxing, dewaxing kettle door must be closed, so as to dissipate heat, there is no need to touch bad or scratch the door seal aggregate, if any traces should be changed immediately.

3, the faster the loading repeated measures the better, if the early formation of the shell earlier by the summer heat, shrinkage due to wax than the large shrinkage, easy to form a shell protection.

4, coincides with their dewaxing filter will be cleared and ballistic, to prevent blockage. Relieve the paraffin kettle door, never put the foot on the doorkeeper, to prevent outflow of hot water to burn people.

5, the operation should wear a glove box.